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Business Terms & Conditions

Introductory Provisions

Using the present business Terms & Conditions for purchasing through the Internet shop www.ceskelatky.cz, the buyer confirms, via sending their order, having met the business Terms & Conditions and having agreed thereupon.

As it is impossible to order an exact quantity of meters because of selling the whole fabric rolls in our e-shop, the shopping basket will just show the quantity of fabric packages without the prices specified therein.

You can choose in the table below if you require exact specifications of meters to be purchased. In that case, we will contact you by email with informing you about exact quantities. You order will be binding consequently after you authorise those quantities.

Unless requiring such an exact specification, you can do a tick in the column saying “I do not require an exact quantity in meters”. We will thereby consider your order as binding.

The e-shop operator is:

Klára Ducká
Generála Svobody 18, CZ-46013 Liberec, Czech Republic

Phone No..: +420.775.522.231

Identification No. 68966113
VAT No. CZ7362162676


Ordering the Goods and Concluding a Purchase Agreement

The validity of your electronic order is conditioned by filling in all obligatory data prescribed by the form. The order is becoming biding through sending the order. At the same time, the order is a Purchase Agreement draft, while the Purchase Agreement is consequently established by the Seller’s confirming the order with prices, particularly on the day of being delivered to the Buyer.


Subject Matter of the Agreement

The subject matter of the Agreement is just the items expressly stated in the Purchase Agreement – the order (hereinafter referred to the goods).


Place of Fulfilment

The place of fulfilment is the Seller’s registered office where the Seller gives the goods over to the haulage contractor, i.e. a transport company to deliver the goods to the Buyer, or the place of fulfilment is the place of personally taking the goods away.

If agreed upon, the goods may also be delivered to the Buyer’s address within the regular distribution system in both the Czech and Slovak Republics.

The goods will be transported to other countries by a haulage contractor or the Czech Post Office (if this being agreed upon with the customer).


Price and Payment Conditions

The prices are given for particular items of the goods in Czech crowns (without VAT) and are effective as for the day of ordering the goods. While dispatching the goods out of the Czech Republic’s territory, the price is accounted for in EUR and will be sent to the customer after having taken over the order. The prices are fixed without VAT. If the customer doing their business out of the Czech Republic submits a certificate of being a VAT payer in their country, VAT will not be accounted for. The Seller reserves the right to change the fixed prices if there is an exchange rate modification, a significant inflation or if there are noticeable changes in supplying conditions of manufacturers and other suppliers of the goods.

The price of the goods further includes the transport fee to the place specified by the Buyer. The purchase price shall be settled in advance to the supplier’s account or at taking the goods personally at the company’s registered office.

The Buyer can fundamentally take over the goods after its full settlement unless agreed otherwise.


Delivery Time

The delivery time starts on the day of concluding the Purchase Agreement (via delivering a confirmed order to the Buyer). The time of delivery depends on the place of delivery. If the goods are on stock, the Seller shall dispatch them or shall give them over to the haulage contractor by 5 days from crediting the payment to the account.

If the goods ordered is not on stock (is sold out or involves the goods from the gallery of fabrics NEWS) or unless it is possible to give them over to the haulage carrier within 14 days from confirming the order, the Seller shall thereby inform the Buyer, and the Seller will simultaneously inform the Buyer about a preliminary date of delivery of the goods.


Transport Conditions and Postage Fee

The consignment can be delivered by the Czech Post Office, a transport service company or personally at the address of Generála Svobody 185, CZ-46014 Liberec.

The Buyer shall duly take over the goods from the haulage contractor, check packaging integrity and the number of packages. If there is any defect, the Buyer shall immediately inform the haulage contractor thereof. If ascertaining a packaging defect giving evidence of unauthorised intrusion into the consignment and in the above-mentioned cases, the Buyer is recommended not to take over the consignment to their own profit; or to write up a warranty protocol on the consignment being damaged directly with the haulage contractor. The invoice shall also be used as a tax document, and is enclosed into a designated package.



The goods warranty is provided by the Seller to the extent of generally effective regulations. It means there is a legal time limit and the warranty period starts at handing over the goods by the Buyer.

Any complaints shall be settled in compliance with the Warranty Order.


Returning the Goods

Within 14 days after taking the goods, the consumer is entitled to withdraw from the Agreement, entered into at a distance, in compliance with Provision 53, al. 7 of the Civil Code, without stating any reason thereof. This does not relate to the cases expressly stipulated in Paragraph 8 of the same Civil Code’s provision. It results from this paragraph that if cutting down the fabrics to the Client’s wish, the Buyer has no title to return the goods

. The withdrawal from the Agreement has to be delivered to the Seller no later than on the last day of the legal 14-day deadline from taking over the goods purchased.

If the consumer consequently makes a decision, he/she has to send the goods back to the Seller without any damage, without any sign of use or wear/tear, in the original undamaged packaging, together with withdrawing from the Agreement or without any undue delay after their dispatching. The Seller is just entitled to claim compensation of real expenses to return the goods (this namely involves bank fees).

After receiving the goods returned, the money for the goods will be bank-transferred to the Buyer’s account at the latest within 10 working days after physically receiving and checking the goods concerned. Returning the goods for cash on delivery is impossible and all such consignments will immediately be refused and returned to their sender.

The expenses (postage fee) for delivering the goods returned back to the Seller shall be settled by the Buyer.


Cancelling an Order

The Buyer is entitled to withdraw from the Purchase Agreement – the order – at the latest within 2 days after confirming the order. Unless the Buyer cancels the order within that time and if, in spite of that, he/she refuses the goods and does not properly take them over, the Buyer shall settle to the Seller the cost of manipulation and postage spent to transport the goods there and back.


Personal Data Protection

All the information about clients is recorded in compliance with the Personal Data Protection Act No. 101/2000 Coll. The Seller will not give the Buyer’s personal data to any third party. The Buyer’s data shall be secured in compliance with laws, and used just in communication between the Seller and the Buyer. The Buyer’s personal data are used exclusively to perform the services ordered (e.g. delivering products). They shall also be used to do necessary accounting transactions and making a tax document.


Final Provisions

The present Business Terms & Conditions shall be effective in the extent and wording being stipulated on the operator’s website on the day of delivering an electronic order.

By sending an electronic confirmation with specified price, and having it consequently confirmed by the Buyer, the Buyer confirms to the Seller that the Buyer accepts the price for the goods ordered including transport costs or other frees and the Business Terms & Conditions in the wording effective at the moment of making and sending the order.

The Buyer shall be bound through sending his/her order for the time fixed for delivering the goods.

These Business Terms & Conditions have been valid since 1st January 2014.



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