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Nevertheless, to have access to prices, you shall login your password that you will received after making your registration. Or you can contact us at info@ceskelatky.cz.

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Piece fabrics are designed just for wholesale in packages. The minimum purchase comes from a roll size, having usually approx. 10-15m in each variety and design.

We have our retail shop at Na okruhu 27,Prague  in the Czech Republic

Thanks for your understanding.


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Klára Ducká-OASA

Wholesale, retail business

Cotton fabrics for

patchwork and the interior

CZ - Liberec

Phone No.: +420.775.522.302 Klára Ducká
E-mail: oasa@ceskelatky.cz
Warehouse: +420.775.522.231 Blanka Stránská
E-mail: info@ceskelatky.cz


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